10 Lessons from Biden’s Influencer Programs

1. Influencer Programs = Digital Organizing.

2. Relationships are key.

3. Influencer programs work best when integrated.

4. Work cross-platform.

5. Develop content in partnership with influencers.

6. Provide value to your influencers.

7. Think outside the box.

  1. Pro-Biden and voter education content posted to their own channels was valuable in itself, as the average following of this group was significant — about 70K.
  2. Our Audience Development (aka social) team could repurpose the asset and post it to our own channels.
  3. With the artists’ permission, we also uploaded the assets to our distribution tool Greenfly for other influencers and celebrities to share on their own channels.

8. Finding the right influencers for a campaign can be difficult.

9. Be prepared to hear “no.”

10. Social media influencers are the future of marketing in politics.



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Rufus And Mane

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